SafeSend Taxes

We can complete Individual Income Tax Returns and deliver them electronically to you using SafeSend.

Benefits of using SafeSend:

  • Environmentally Friendly (Less USE of ink and paper)
  • Sign the return electronically (via DocuSign technology)
  • Fast Turnaround (File in Minutes)
  • Works with One or Two signers
  • Receive Quarterly Reminders for Estimates
  • Electronic Payment Options (for Most Payments Due)
  • Download a PDF of your tax return(s) for permanent storage

How it works:

1. When your tax return is ready, you receive an email from (Piccerelli Gilstein & Company, LLP will be indicated in the email.).

2. The email will contain a secure link for you to access your tax return.

3. SafeSend will email you an access code to further verify your identity.

4. When you are ready to DocuSign your e-file authorization form(s), you will be asked three questions to verify your identity.

5. Once you DocuSign the e-file authorization form(s), we will be notified and we will complete the e-filing process.

If you are interested in using SafeSend this year, please contact us at 401-831-0200 and we will gladly help set this up. Of course, your tax return may still be delivered in the traditional (paper) fashion if you prefer.

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