Handling Employee W2s

Does your company have set policies for W-2s, such as how to deliver them to employees; how to handle requests for duplicate copies; or what you do with undeliverable mailed forms?

Policies can alleviate unnecessary time spent on tasks quickly and efficiently. For example, to begin, determine a policy for how your company wishes to deliver W-2s to employees. If you prefer to send them electronically, consent forms need to be issued and returned from employees before the issue date. Employees have the right to receive a paper copy if they prefer.

Next, determine how your company wishes to accept requests for duplicate copies of W-2s (e.g. via an on-line form, only in writing, by email). Whatever your decision, be sure it is streamlined and overseen by a responsible individual.

Develop a good way to log requests and track progress or steps done. If you choose to use a form, include lines for date received, date responded, email address, and address where the W-2 should be sent. The last two items are always good to seek in order to maintain current contact information.

Lastly, when a W-2 is returned, decide how you process it. We recommend keeping the W-2 in its original envelop, which is your company’s proof you sent it, and file it. If you can correct the address, just place the returned envelop into a new one and mail to the employee. However, if you do not receive corrected address information, IRS guidelines say to hold onto the W-2 for at least four years. If you are a paperless (or reduced paper) office, scan the contents of the returned envelop, and the envelop itself, and electronically file the information in a secure place.

By putting W-2 policies in place, you can swiftly manage and find anything you or an employee may need, without duplicating efforts to do so.  

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