People say that tax season is a 24/7 grind. Is that true?

While there is certainly more pressure and a heavier workload at tax time than any other time throughout the year, the firm recognizes the importance of your home life as well. Your first tax season may produce some stress, because it will be new to you. The team approach and open door policy at PG&Co. helps make it a lot easier. We do everything we can to make sure the increased workload is not overwhelming and that you have ample time for family, friends and relaxation. If extra hours are incurred, employees (depending on the position) are compensated either with time-off or with pay.

How do I decide in which area I should specialize?

At PGCo. there is no rush to make a decision. Rather, we encourage our people to learn as much as they can about the different career paths available – tax, audit, business valuation and more. Before you make a choice, you will have the opportunity to seek advice from firm partners, talk with your associates, and gain knowledge from the hands-on experience you will have gained over time. It all adds up to helping you make the right, thoughtful choice, and when you’re ready, working closely with you to plan the career path that works best for you.

Am I going to be stuck at a desk, or will I get to work directly with clients?

You will be working face-to-face with clients right from the start. Every team player assigned to a client engagement has an important role in helping service, develop and grow the relationship. It is an exciting, challenging and rewarding experience.

If I need help or want some personal attention, to whom should I speak?

Anyone and everyone at the firm is a resource to you. While we value individuality, our firm thrives on teamwork. Everyone’s door is open — including all the partners, so you can get guidance or questions answered all the time. Additionally, some of the most respected professionals in the industry are available as mentors. We want you to succeed and are there to help.

If I have scheduling issues, will you work with me?

We are well aware of the personal pressures that today’s fast-moving world places on people. As a result, we will work with you to provide a flexible work schedule and, in some cases, allow you to work part-time from home. We strive to create a professional work place that respects the individual’s autonomy, freedom and flexibility.

To learn more about a career at PG&Co., please contact us at 401-831-0200.