Rhode Island Included in IRS Identity Protection Pin Test Program

Get an ID PINRhode Island has been included in the IRS ‘Get an IP PIN’ program, which is a voluntary program open to taxpayers who filed a tax return last year from one of the 10 test locations. Rhode Island was one of 10 states that reported the highest number of identity thefts to the Federal Trade Commission. The IRS issues an identity protection personal identification number (IP PIN) for those taxpayers who are victims of identity theft. However, the ‘Get an IP PIN’ program includes eligible taxpayers even if they have not been victims of identity theft.

How Does It Work?

A Taxpayer selects the ‘Get an IP PIN’ tool link, authenticates his/her identity and then obtains an IP PIN. The IRS IP PIN is a 6-digit number assigned to any eligible taxpayers to prevent their social security number (SSN) from being used on fraudulent federal income tax returns. Your identity is validated through a rigorous two-factor authentication process called Secure Access. If you fail to authenticate your identity, there is no manual option in its place at this time.

If you have been a confirmed victim of tax-related identity theft, and your case was resolved, the IRS will continue to issue IP PINs by mail. However, you may use ‘Get an IP PIN’ immediately, if desired.

The ‘Get an IP PIN’ program is in a testing phase. The IRS wants to ensure that their systems can sufficiently handle the demand. They may expand the program to all states once they believe they can manage the capacity.

‘Get an IP PIN’ tool is OPTIONAL to eligible taxpayers. If you use a tax preparer, and you obtain an IP PIN, please provide them with the information, so they can file your tax return successfully. Taxpayers are encouraged to acquire an IP PIN to help reduce fraudulent federal income tax returns, while protecting misuse of their social security number.

Besides Rhode Island, these locations are participating in the program: Washington D.C., Florida, Georgia, California, Delaware, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan and Nevada.

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