Experienced Professionals

If you have been thinking about making a career change, we encourage you to consider PG&Co.

Regardless of where your employment began, you have great opportunity to prosper and grow here. We value the experience and perspective of accounting veterans, who have gained knowledge at other accounting practices or businesses.

Join our friendly and helpful professional team as we take on new opportunities to explore, challenging assignments, consulting with clients, and shaping the future of the firm. We have an impressive roster of clients in a variety of businesses, many of whom have enjoyed long-term relationships with us for decades. To learn more about a career at PG&Co, please contact

New Hires

Begin your career with a great foundation. If you are considering working for a local firm, PG&Co may be the perfect fit for you. Our professionals support, mentor, and train new hires. You will also have access to managers and partners, and work directly on a range of diverse and interesting projects. As your experience and technical skills grow, so will your opportunities to advance.

Employees are encouraged to become active members of their communities and explore causes that touch them personally, or for which they have a passion. The firm takes part in food drives, sponsorships, volunteer opportunities, and other activities that give back to the Rhode Island population. To learn more about a career at PG&Co, please contact

Why Choose A Small Firm?

There are unparalleled opportunities when working for a small firm. We offer the breadth and depth of accounting, tax and business consulting services to assist clients ranging from entrepreneurs and small-businesses to national and international organizations.


You will often work side-by-side in the field with firm partners and decision makers performing various challenging accounting and tax functions. This hands-on approach means you get a broad sense of the client’s business instead of performing repeated tasks for months at a time.


Clients with smaller accounting firms often view their accountant as a resource for their management team. Close relationships regularly develop, as here is frequent communications on issues ranging from day-to-day operations to the complexities of a merger/acquisition. The learning is rapid and the confidence gained by these professional relationships is rewarding.


We offer a supportive, friendly atmosphere where employees are recognized and valued for their contributions. As a small firm, we can give personal attention to an individual and more easily provide workplace initiatives.

Career Path

You will gain exposure to many assurance, accounting and tax areas early in your career, which can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, and guide you toward a chosen career path.

College Recruiting

At PG&Co, we not only look for the best and brightest, but we seek people who: care about other people; who enjoy working in an environment that thrives on cooperation; who have a hunger for knowledge and a passion for excellence; and who respect the high level of work and service that has been a hallmark of PG&Co since 1973.

We add in just the right amount of fun to help everyone relax and reenergize throughout the year.


While we value individuality, our firm thrives on teamwork. Everyone’s door is open so that you can seek guidance or get questions answered. You will provide a variety of specialties and services to a diverse base of clients, as well as receive mentoring by some of the most respected professionals in our industry.


The opportunity for advancement is not an empty promise. If you are committed to excellence, demonstrate a thirst for learning, and know how to be a team player, you have a great chance to become a manager and eventually a partner. Employees are recognized and appreciated.


We invest in your career. As a member of our team, you receive individualized, on-the-job technical training; participate in formalized seminars and workshops; and receive regular performance evaluations. You are assigned to assurance and tax engagements, giving you an opportunity to discover your true passion.


We firmly believe that excellence, for both clients and staff, can only happen in an environment that fosters learning, mentoring, camaraderie and a balance of work and home. The P&G philosophy is to create a professional work place that respects the individual’s autonomy, freedom and flexibility.


We asked some of our interns and young staff members some important questions. We think you’ll find their answers helpful and informative.

Opportunities & Openings

We are always seeking quality professionals! Even if you do not see a position currently available, please send us your resume and cover letter explaining the career position in which you are interested to

Professional Development

PG&Co is recognized for our technical expertise with complex accounting and tax matters. This expertise was developed through practical experience, as well as continuing education. Many of our professionals have advanced certifications.

Our professionals are also active and well recognized in the profession, serving on boards and committees for the Internal Revenue Service Advisory Council, American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the Rhode Island Society of Certified Public Accountants and the State of Rhode Island Board of Accountancy.


The application period is now open for scholarship opportunities for students from RI pursuing an...



The Firm makes health insurance coverage available to all employees and their families. The Firm will pay the cost of a single coverage toward the cost of non-single coverage. Additional compensation toward a percentage of the deductible for expenses not reimbursed by the health insurance plan is also provided.

Flexible Spending

As an employee, you will become eligible to participate in the Firm’s flexible benefits plan as of your date of hire. The flexible benefit plan allows you to have: 1) a health flexible spending account, 2) Premium expense account (for health care insurance premiums, dental insurance premiums), and 3) Dependent care flexible spending account.

Vacation, Sick and Paid Time Off

Employees are entitled to vacation, holiday, sick and such other paid leave benefits, as established by the firm for its full-time professional staff employees in accordance with firm policies. Vacation time is based on number of years working at the firm. Holiday time and sick time are the same for all full-time employees.


The firm offers a 401(k) plan whereby salary is deferred either on a pre-tax basis or under a Roth arrangement.

Life Insurance

The Firm provides each full-time employee with group life insurance coverage. An employee qualifies for this coverage upon completing six months of full-time employment. The amount of coverage is based on compensation.


The Firm will reimburse 50% of the tuition cost for the fifth year educational requirement in courses of study related to professional duties and responsibilities at the Firm, up to an annual maximum of $5,000, provided that a minimum grade point average of 3.0 is maintained and certain employment criteria is met.

CPA and Enrolled Agent’s Exam

The Firm will make a bonus to any candidate who successfully completes the CPA Exam. Upon successful completion of the enrolled agent’s exam, the Firm will also award the candidate a bonus0. There are discounts available for CPA Review programs.

Continuing Education

To provide our staff with the technical knowledge needed to respond to the demands of our practice and to keep all CPAs in good standing, the Firm will offer a minimum of forty credit-hours’ worth of continuing professional education.

Parking Allowance

An employee may elect to have his/her salary reduced by the maximum amount allowed by the IRS as a parking allowance. The Firm will pay up to $190 per month for the cost of parking for principals and managers.

Lead Program

PG&Co has a program in place to incentivize the procurement of new clients. Monetary compensation is based on the value of the client and happens, over a period of time, based on outlined criteria.