Due Date

As many of you know, following the IRS postponing the due date for personal income tax returns to May 17, 2021, the Rhode Island Division of Taxation postponed the due date to match.

April 15 or May 17?

So, if you are a single-member limited liability company (SMLLC), owned by an individual, is your SMLLC’s Form RI-1065 and payment due April 15 or May 17?

If you are a SMLLC owned by an individual, the SMLLC’s filing and payment are due April 15, even though the individual’s 1040 and payment are due May 17.

A SMLLC may elect to file for a six-month extension using Form RI-7004. That would give the SMLLC an extended due date of October 15, 2021. However, the SMLLC’s payment would still be due April 15, 2021.

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Note: This question was originally posted on the Rhode Island Department of Taxation’s website

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