We go deep to unlock insight and have the courage to act. We bring the right people together to challenge established thinking and drive transformation.




An initial meeting or discussion is initiated in order to start our partnership off on the right path.


It is imperative that we ask relevant questions and really listen to your responses, to learn the information and key details necessary to assist you most effectively.

Understanding Needs/Goals

We use this time to discover and clearly reiterate your expectations, needs and goals.



Team Gathering

After the discovery stage, we choose the appropriate team who will provide the best services to meet your expectations, needs and goals.


Your team works to develop recommendations based on a full understanding of your objectives and operations; which may include reviewing financial information; having additional discussions with management; reading pertinent background information; identifying significant accounting cycles and accounting applications and evaluating the control environment.

Plan Development

Based on our ‘Recommendations’, we determine the best course of action to take.




After a plan is developed, we communicate the timeline, stages and expectations to you. If changes to the schedule are needed, or the scope of the work has changed, we make adjustments at this time and speak with you about it.


In order to meet and ideally exceed expected deadlines as well as stay proactive on your behalf, we work with you to determine schedules, focusing on areas that might significantly affect the timing and completion of your work. We review such areas in depth to obtain an early understanding and resolve any concerns.


Once everyone is in agreement about the ‘Solution’, our team goes to work to adhere to the timeline.


The services and/or reports are provided by PG&Co, are reviewed upon completion. We hold both an internal meeting to discuss the quality of our work and the quality of the services provided. We also want the client to tell us how we can serve them better.

Proactive Planning

It is important to take the time after the review to discuss what worked well and any areas that we may want to improve. It is also important look to what is/may be happening in the coming months (or years) that could potentially affect your future goals, liabilities, etc.