Services Testimonial

Haley Associates – Managing Member;
Dial Equities, Inc. – CEO:

“Piccerelli, Gilstein & Co. has been my personal accounting firm as well as the firm for the numerous companies I’ve founded over the past nineteen years. They have the diversity to handle the varied companies I own and their work is impeccable. P&G partner, Patricia Thompson, has been essential in assisting me in the formation and operation of a Master Limited Partnership. My senior accounting staff, as well as myself, have tremendous confidence in the guidance and accounting procedures proffered by Ms. Thompson.”

“Colleagues and investors often ask, “Why do you, a Nebraska based firm, have that firm back in Rhode Island do your accounting rather than a local firm?” My answer is very simple. I tell them it’s because Piccerelli, Gilstein does such an impeccable job that I have no reason to consider changing.”