Personal Financial Planning Services

Financial planning generally involves analysis and planning in the areas of insurance, income taxes, estate matters, budgeting, college planning, retirement planning and investments, and is tailored to the needs of the individual client.


Candidates for financial planning can be most anyone, but would certainly include those whose situations include:

  • A taxable estate (generally, over $625,000 in assets and life insurance).
  • Those who are approaching retirement and are dealing with issues such as determining the amount of funds needed to be comfortable in retirement or the best way to take their retirement funds from their employer.
  • Those who need help setting up a portfolio of mutual funds for their college or retirement needs.
  • Those business owners concerned about bringing their children into the business.

In other words, there are a wide variety of people with different circumstances who may benefit from financial planning.

Unbiased Professionals

CPA financial planners are unbiased professionals who focus on performance and satisfying the financial goals of the client. Our advice includes consideration of individuals’ debt management, insurance needs, and tax strategies. We have no products, other than prudent advice, to sell.

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