Online Tax Organizer

Piccerelli, Gilstein & Company, LLP is pleased to offer you Tax Notebook for the Internet, our online tax organizer that simplifies the way you submit your tax data to us.

Tax Notebook will guide you through an intuitive tax interview that is easier and less time consuming than completing the traditional paper organizer.

Download Your Personal Tax Notebook Online Organizer Now:

You will receive a personal User ID and Password by email.

If you have problems, feel free to call Laura Ferris at (401) 831-0200 or email

You’ll appreciate the following benefits:

  • Offers the convenience of a secure tax interview that allows you to utilize any personal computer to provide us with your personal and tax information.
  • Provides an organized interview format that ensures important information is not overlooked.
  • Ensures you only answer relevant sections of Tax Notebook based on your answers to pertinent questions such as… “Did you own real estate?”
  • Provides intuitive screens that guide you through the interview process quickly and easily.
  • Allows you to clearly track what sections are complete and which ones still need input, so you can easily monitor your progress.
  • Allows you to print a copy of your personal information for your records.