We started in 1973 with two simple goals. The first was to create a world class accounting firm that combined the finest possible technical skills with genuine responsiveness and reasonable fees. And second, was to create and foster a great work environment for our partners and staff.  With all due modesty, that’s what Piccerelli, Gilstein offers today.

Today, P&G has a staff of 50, including nine partners, three of whom have extensive experience with “Big Four” accounting firms. Our clients, many of whom have been with the firm for more than 35 years, include large international companies, entrepreneurs and small companies, professional practices and individuals.

But growth alone does not substantiate quality. What sets us apart is our membership in the BDO Alliance USA, our membership in the Private Companies Practice Section of the AICPA and having successfully completed eleven peer reviews. When you add this to our passion for advanced education for every professional staff member, our highly-respected seminars and our unfailing commitment to our community, you can see why we feel we truly have created a world class accounting firm.