Why Choose a Local Firm

Unparalleled Opportunities

Many local firms offer the breadth and depth of accounting, tax and business consulting services to assist clients ranging from entrepreneurs and small-businesses to national and international organizations. You will often work side-by-side in the field with firm partners and decision makers performing various accounting and tax functions. This hands-on approach means you get a broad sense of the client’s business instead of performing a couple of repeated tasks for months at a time.

Challenging Work

Accountants working in local firms develop auditing and tax skills at a fast pace. Working directly with partners and managers, the accountant is able to observe up-close how technical issues are addressed, new government standards are communicated and specialized consulting expertise is applied.

People-First Perspective

Many local firms encourage a flexible, collegial and friendly atmosphere where staff members are recognized and valued for the contributions they make to the firm’s success. A local firm can give personal attention to the individual, and provide workplace initiatives such as manageable hours, tuition reimbursement and flexible schedules.

Direct Client Involvement

In local firms, clients view their accountant as a resource for their management team. As such, close relationships develop as there are more frequent communications on issues ranging from day-to-day operations to the complexities of a merger/acquisition. The learning is rapid and the confidence gained by these professional relationships can be very rewarding.

Discover Your Passion

For ambitious young professionals, local firms provide many opportunities to experience the various dimensions of public accounting. While being exposed to assurance and tax areas, the accountant is able to identify specific strengths and weaknesses which can help guide him/her along a career path. There are many paths to specialization and these are introduced to the accountant early in their career.

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If you would like to talk to someone about career opportunities at Piccerelli, Gilstein & Company, LLP, please contact Sharon R. Kennedy or Michael M. Tikoian.

Sharon R. Kennedy
Partner, CPA, CGMA

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