Vanessa’s Responses

Photo of VanessaWe asked some of our interns and young staff members some important questions. We think you’ll find their answers helpful and informative.

School: Roger Williams University
Began Internship: 2014
Current Position: Senior Assistant Accountant
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How did you prepare for your internship job interview?

I visited the firm’s website to get familiar with the partners and the firm’s industries. I jotted down my strengths and weaknesses and reviewed my resume to be prepared for specific questions.

How do you become the intern that gets hired?

Ask for opportunities to show that you are interested in growing with the firm. Work efficiently and effectively, and be eager to learn.

Why did you choose to work at a local firm as opposed to a Big Four firm?

I felt that at the Big Four, I would just be another worker bee. I thought about how I would have many questions and would have to research them on my own, creating more work and stress.

I thought that a local firm would appreciate me more and not make me feel like I am just another body. They would be more willing to sit down with me one-on-one instead of pushing my questions aside. I think of local firms like a small family business; on a more personal level.

Fortunately, I was right.

What advice would you give to an intern about to begin their first tax season?

Stay calm and take one assignment at a time. Get enough rest to be able to get through a long day. If you feel overwhelmed, say something. Save your questions and ask them all at once.

What do you enjoy most about working in the profession?

The people that I have met and have become friends with on a personal and professional level. The different types of industries that I work on keep me from getting bored. Not one business or individual is the same, so every work engagement is different.

What one piece of advice would you give a new staff accountant?

If you can, take time off and pass the CPA exam. It will relieve stress and build some self-confidence.

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