Kayla’s responses

Photo of KaylaWe asked some of our interns and young staff members some important questions. We think you’ll find their answers helpful and informative.

School: Bryant University
Began Internship: 2016
Current Position: Staff Accountant
Contact Kayla at: KaylaS@pgco.com

How did you prepare for your internship job interview?

I went to P&G’s website to research the partners, the services they provide, and their mission statement. Then I formed a list of potential questions to ask during the interview.

How do you become the intern that gets hired?

Give everything you do your best effort, have a good attitude, ask questions, be attentive and just try your best.

Why did you choose to work at a local firm as opposed to a Big Four firm?

I wanted exposure to different aspects of accounting. If you choose a Big Four rm, you might get stuck doing one job all day; whereas at a smaller rm you can do different projects each day.

What do you enjoy most about working in the profession?

I’m constantly learning – learning how a CPA rm runs, learning how to do QuickBooks, tax returns, audits, how to interact with clients and so much more. Also it’s about the people here. Everyone is so nice, personable, helpful and so patient when teaching or when I’m asking for help.

What one piece of advice would you give a new staff  accountant?

Just give everything you do your best effort.

What advice would you give to an intern about to begin  their first tax season?

It’s going to be stressful but you’ll get through it, so learn as much as you can.

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