Culture & Professional Development

Our Core Beliefs

  1. Our people are our single most important asset. At P&G, we not only look for the best and brightest, but we seek people who care about other people. People who enjoy working in an environment that thrives on cooperation. People who have a hunger for knowledge and a passion for excellence. People who respect the high level of work and service that has been a hallmark of P&G since 1973.
  2. Teamwork is key to success. While we value individuality, our firm thrives on teamwork. Everyone’s door is open so that you can seek guidance or get any question answered.  You’ll work across a wide variety of specialties and services with a remarkable diverse base of clients and be mentored by some of the most respected professionals in our industry. And to help everyone relax and reenergize, we have staff parties and functions throughout the year.
  3. The opportunity for growth is real. The chance for advancement is not an empty promise at P&G. An associate who is committed to excellence, demonstrates a thirst for learning and knows how to be a team player, has a great chance to become a manager and eventually a partner. We’re the right size for you to be recognized and appreciated.
  4. A healthy balance between work and home. We firmly believe that excellence, for both clients and staff , can only happen in an environment that fosters learning, mentoring, camaraderie and a balance of work and home. The partners care about each staff member as a person. Without being intrusive, they know who you are, what your family is like, what your personal needs are. The P&G philosophy is to create a professional work place that respects the individual’s autonomy, freedom and flexibility.
  5. You must be committed to helping your community. P&G may be one of the most community minded and committed businesses in the region. Our partners and staff members are involved in countless charity and civic organizations — from board chairmanships, to directorships to simply participating in programs and events. Click here.

To learn more about a career at P&G, please contact Mike Tikoian at or call 401-831-0200, ext. 209.