Job Fair Tips

  • Dress professionally – A suit or sports coat and a tie for men and a suit with pants or a skirt for women
  • Practice what you want the interviewer to know about you.  This should include your career goals and experiences you’ve had that can help make you successful. Make it concise and be specific.
  • Check and double check you resume. Make sure it’s perfect and bring several copies.
  • Ask smart questions. Prepare them in advance. Remember, you only get one chance to make a first impression.
  • Check the list of exhibitors and visit their websites in advance. You can learn a lot about their culture, their professionalism and available positions.
  • When you introduce yourself, make eye contact, extend your hand, say hello and introduce yourself.
  • Collect business cards. You can’t send a personalized thank you if you don’t have the right name and contact information.
  • Send thank you notes. This doesn’t just apply to the formal interview. If you really liked a company at the conference, send them a thank you for being there and taking the time to meet with you. They made an investment of time and money to attend, too.
  • Go to the fair even if you think firms aren’t hiring at that time. It’s a great chance to learn about several companies at one time. This will help you narrow your focus later.